Harrison, AR's expert pest solutions team

Preventative pest solutions can stop problems in their tracks before they become problems, and prevent infestations before they start! At Pest-X, we're Harrison, AR's premier provider of pest control so you never have to worry about pests of any kind.

We know the Harrison area, and know which areas are susceptible to which kinds of pests. We'll thoroughly inspect your property for the likely suspects, and look for the unlikely ones during our free inspection. We'll leave no stone unturned to make sure your property is pest free. And if we find anything, we'll take care of it for you in a safe and cost effective manner. Guaranteed.

Count on us

Pest-X's pest inspection team is reliable and efficient. We work fast to make certain your home or business is pest free in a minimum amount of time. Our team arrives at the scheduled time, so you're never kept waiting. Call our office in Harrison for a free inspection today.

Quality assured

Whether you use Pest-X for pest solutions or for our pest inspection service, you always get quality assurance. You can rest easy with the knowledge that you're protected against infestation. Those unwanted visitors will never come back – and that’s a fact! Call Pest-X in Harrison for details, pricing, and more information.

We're trained

Rats, insects, and other animals can transmit diseases and even ruin the structure of your whole house. To ensure the health and safety of you and your family, Pest-X in Harrison can help. Our pest solutions specialists are trained to evaluate the core issue of your pest problem and annihilate the problem before it spreads.
Pest solutions spraying in Harrison, AR
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